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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Best transportation in my hometown

Motorcycle is the common transportation in my hometown. Therefore, if you miss the bus going to Tacloban you can take a motorcycle going to naval and from there you can find vans/busses to Tacloban or Ormoc city. Speaking motorcycle my brother was asking me again when I am going to send money so that he can go too street motorcycle parts. Perhaps, I did not say anything yet since I have no idea when I am going to send money to him yet. Maybe at the end of this month will see.

Bangkok airport

This is a true story and could only ever happen to one person. Charles Wilson... Last week he returned to the UK for a months holiday. However, at Bangkok airport he was stopped by Thai customs. They asked him the usual questions, have you packed your case yourself sir blah blah. He said yes, is there a problem? They opened his case only to find a live rat inside, not only that, it had chewed up half his clothes and destroyed the inside of the case. How the hell do you pack a rat and not notice? I'm waiting for a reply Mr Wilson.

 Charles Wilson: answer to the question I did it my way. as I am a member of the rat pack, and it was in case from Ubon to Bangkok, if it had been in London it would have been a case for the high court, its been a bad start to my holiday my favorite black shirt has been eaten away on one side. still got no car as my Thai debit card would not work over here, been waiting for a new tsb debit card, got card but no pin number.

My friend Charlie will send more details about his trip to London soon.

Happy reading everyone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thinking of buying new music instruments for my oldest daughter.

My husband and I are doing everything that we can to encourage our kids' creativity. Each of our three oldest daughters has already displayed a natural artistic talent and we are curious to discover the scope of their natural abilities. We already have lots of paints, canvases, drawing paper and even musical instruments. However, we do not have anything that would allow them to explore their creativity with digital tools. I was recently looking at a distortion. I think such a device would help our kids develop their composition skills and really polish their developing musical talents.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

musical talent

It seems that my husband’s family has a lot of musical talent. In addition to a nephew who can both sing and play multiple instruments, he also has a cousin who plays guitar semi-professionally. He is currently entering his final year at the Berkeley school of music in Boston. Like my husband’s nephew, his cousin will be graduating next year and we are looking at a prs amp at guitar center as a potential graduation present. We suspect that it would be quite valuable for him as he travels around for his performances.