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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

relaxing chair

One of my good friends is devoted to the practice of yoga. She swears by the calming and relaxing benefits of the practice. As her birthday will arrive soon, I am thinking about getting her a meditation chair for yoga. They are not very expensive and seem to be a good tool for any time you need to be seated on the floor for an extended period. I hope she likes it.

Monday, August 4, 2014

electrical appliances

I miss the tax free shopping yesterday. I did not really know about tax-free shopping until this morning. My friend was very happy about it because she did not pay tax. She spends about a hundred dollars on apparel and footwear and it was tax-free. Anyhow, speaking of shopping I am just curious about this braided sleeving - The site sales product that we normally use in our daily life. Like for example: garment, electronics, electrical appliances, motors, wire management, toys and other more. Therefore, if you are interested about the site go ahead and click the link above.

Communications is the best

Everyone who knows me well knows that I love to sing and create music. I've done it for as long as I can remember. Its the only thing that I love doing. I dropped out of school. I was majoring in Communications only because that's what I was told I would be good at. I never really enjoyed it. So, I figured I was wasting my time. I wanted to actually try and seriously pursue something with this music thing. I wanted to actually think for myself for once in my life. I've gone through the list of majors while in school and neither of them fit me. Am I wrong for not wanting to spend my life doing something I don't like like every else around me? I don't know anyone who has actually pursued that real deal dream they've had since they were like 7. I am surrounded by people whom seemingly know nothing about living a life they wanted while doing something they loved. Ok, you're making good money, but what does it all mean if you're miserable? If I had something to go to school for that actually interested me, I would go. I don't wanna waste my time in school accruing debt for something that I don't like. Why bother? Life is too short to spend it following the crowd. I want to see if I can really make a career out of my gift but it is so hard when you are surrounded by people who's only mindset is "if you don't have a college degree, you are a failure in life". That is so DISCOURAGING. That statement may have been true in the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's but today, I'm willing to bet that there are more people sitting on their degrees than those whom are actually using them. How do you explain the Mcdonalds restaurant being full of college grads and the owners and CEOS are degree-less? Nowadays its a 50-50 shot. You're just as likely to get a job without a degree as you are with one in my opinion. I'm not trying to persuade anyone from skipping school. If you have a reason to go, then by all means, GO! Especially if what you are majoring in will lead to your dream job. I understand a degree increases your opportunity to get a job over a non 2 %. Sheesh man, I mean, today it's not even what you know, its who you know. I digress though. I just don't want to be that 70 year old man asking himself "Man, I wonder what if.." Its so frustrating being in this city surrounded by one track minded folks who just conform to the people and ideals around them; people who never took a chance with their life and stepped outside of this box that society has trapped them all in. All through our childhood, we are taught to use our imagination. DREAM BIG. Seek to change the world and make it better. Then when you hit 18, its the same old regurgitated CRAP: "You gotta go to school if you wanna be anything useful in life". If I had just ONE person to relate to maaaan. College or failure. College or Mcdonalds. College, College, College, Grad School, 100,000+ dollars debt! Oh Boy! Can't wait! I promise you, If I can't accomplish my goals in life, then I will just conform and go get a job I hate and be sad. But at least I will know that I tried. *DEEP SIGH*.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Best transportation in my hometown

Motorcycle is the common transportation in my hometown. Therefore, if you miss the bus going to Tacloban you can take a motorcycle going to naval and from there you can find vans/busses to Tacloban or Ormoc city. Speaking motorcycle my brother was asking me again when I am going to send money so that he can go too street motorcycle parts. Perhaps, I did not say anything yet since I have no idea when I am going to send money to him yet. Maybe at the end of this month will see.