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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cappucinno Muffin

Coffee time my dear friends.
I really like these "Cappucinno Muffins" because they combine two of my favorite things, Coffee and Chocolate Martini. It's like having your cupcake and coffee all in one bite- I love it! So happy that it turns out well.

Friday, April 18, 2014

relaxation time

Ever since my husband was in the Peace Corps, we have each loved to get massages. Although I normally did not partake in massages, my husband would absolutely swear by them. According to him, very few things are able to cause such a profound sense of calm and relaxation. Thus, we both now try to search out businesses that offer full massages for reasonable prices. One very promising company is The company website reveals good prices. It also reflects many related services that ensure that every patron leaves with a smile.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

sweater weather

I never had any experience about watching concert in person. I always said to my husband every time I heard news that some artist from the Philippines. They have concerted in New York city or Los Angeles city but he just said you can watch on TV its they same. Watching concert on TV is more fun that’s my partner said to me. Because he have been watching concert in his life and I guess he have enough other than that we have four kids to look for. Anyhow, we have nice weather today so let me stop here so hat I can take my two little one out side. This is the perfect time for us to go out because its already 56°f and its sunny. It should be good with long sleeves since they don't sit still.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

temperature is getting better

I can't believe this strange weather that we have had. We kept getting snowfall through the end of March. However, it appears that the weather has finally broken. For the first time since last year, the temperature should not fall below freezing overnight anytime over the next 10 days. I expect that the forecast will be revised over time, however the warmth did provide an opportunity to over-seed my lawn. Hopefully, my efforts were successful and we will start observing the results of my labors in the near future.