当Salesforce.com originally revealed its intent to become a cloud provider to the enterprise for far more than just CRM, Info-Tech 研究 Group was openly cautious about this strategy. 事实上,在2007年,我们说,

“[Salesforce.com]…runs a risk of diluting its core CRM strength by exp和ing into other enterprise applications 和 becoming a platform vendor as well as a software vendor.——信息技术研究小组,2007年7月.

4年16个产品发布周期后,Salesforce.Com不仅克服了这种风险, 并保持了CRM市场份额, but it has also grown to be one of two CRM vendors that appear on almost every Info-Tech client’s CRM vendor shortlist (Microsoft Dynamics CRM being the other). 同时, the company has made significant entries into the customer 和 employee collaboration spaces 和 has recently released credible products in the platform as a 服务 (PaaS) market.


在该公司最近的2011年Dreamforce年会上, 官方主题是“社会企业”,强调了该公司成功的喋喋不休产品. 然而, the more important underlying message was “We want to be at your table as a strategic enterprise partner, 因为我们现在不仅仅是客户关系管理.”

Some of the conference announcements that support the strategic partner theme include:

Salesforce.com喋喋不休. 喋喋不休 is the 公司’s social collaboration platform announced two years ago. It uses the Facebook Wall metaphor of activity feeds to dis玩 both user-generated content 和 system-generated content. 今天,Salesforce.com reports there are more than 100,000 active 喋喋不休 networks. Several enhancements to 喋喋不休 will accompany the Winter 2012 release, including:

  • 聊天现在:感谢对Dim Dim的收购, 闲聊将最终获得存在感, 像即时通讯, 这样用户就可以看到谁在网络上, 以及实时聊天和屏幕共享. Not only does 喋喋不休 compete with asynchronous collaboration platforms, it now competes with synchronous (real-time) platforms like Microsoft Lync.
  • 喋喋不休的客户群. Enterprise 喋喋不休 users may now invite outside users to join private 喋喋不休 groups, 比如邀请客户和合作伙伴. The customer does not have to have a 喋喋不休 license to participate. Groups automatically default security to the most stringent access controls, so that outside parties can only have access to what is shared within the group. 再加上屏幕共享在聊天现在, 喋喋不休的客户群 will be an effective way to share presentations with customers as well as conduct online demos.
  • 喋喋不休的批准. 喋喋不休 users will now be able to stay inside 喋喋不休 和 participate in approval workflows that exist elsewhere in Salesforce.Com而不用切换到不同的屏幕. This is an example of the type of contextual integration between enterprise systems 和 social collaboration system activity feeds that set enterprise social collaboration apart from consumer tools. 消费者工具主要关注用户生成的活动, while enterprise systems must include both employee-generated feeds 和 system-generated feeds, resulting in social collaboration tools usurping traditional portals.
  • 聊天服务. Not really an enhancement to 喋喋不休, but rather a much awaited integration. 聊天服务 formally incorporates 喋喋不休 into Salesforce.com的云服务. This enables 服务 agents 和 customers to engage in a more collaborative type of 服务. This is especially valuable for servicing high-value customer segments 和 for servicing complex products 和 服务s. Historical questions 和 answers generated by 聊天服务 can be searched. 然而, when asked by Info-Tech if this is formally integrated with Salesforce.com’s multi-channel 服务 knowledgebase (previously acquired from InStranet), 我们被告知这两者并不是一体的. Organizations should be cautious about building yet another customer 服务 knowledgebase if they already are using the main Salesforce.com“知识”的产品.
  • 喋喋不休的连接. Really a platform announcement, but specifically about 喋喋不休. 喋喋不休的连接 is a REST API that enables integration of 喋喋不休 into other applications 和 portals. It will initially ship with a built-in Microsoft SharePoint connector. Info-Tech firmly believes organizations should stop considering SharePoint as a competitor to other platforms 和 instead integrate other platforms to enhance SharePoint 和 leverage existing SharePoint content (see 供应商景观+:协作平台).

平台即服务(PaaS). Salesforce.com first acknowledged its intent to become a platform vendor some years ago by making its multi-tenant SaaS application platform available to partners 和 customers for custom development, 品牌之下的“力”.com.” Significant announcements concerning this space were made at Dreamforce 2011 和 support the 公司’s messaging that they should be considered a strategic enterprise partner. 最重要的PaaS公告包括:

  • 数据库.com. 在Salesforce.com’s database as a 服务 product was previously available as a beta version, 它现在已经普遍可用, sporting new social network based templates 和 data models.
  • 数据库.com 数据驻留选项(DRO). To sweeten the database as a 服务 value proposition, Salesforce.com is now supporting local residency of data for applications built on 数据库.com, which will appeal to organizations concerned about privacy 和 regulatory compliance.
  • Heroku Java. 之前收购了Heroku, to primarily add Ruby on Rails support for platform development, Heroku现在添加了完整的Java支持. Info-Tech believes this was a necessary step for Salesforce.com to credibly claim that its platform can be an alternative to Microsoft’s .Net家族和新兴的Azure云平台.
  • 触摸.salesforce.com. Related to platform enhancements is the unveiling of touch.salesforce.com, the first fully functional tablet/smartphone client to Salesforce.Com是为触摸界面而设计的. The company is using its own touch client to showcase what it is now doing with HTML 5 related technologies, as a demonstration of its positioning of the entire platform as a cloud-based mobile application development 和 delivery platform. The client runs within the mobile browsers rather than requiring a native application.

信息技术相信触摸.salesforce.Com是一个重要的发展. It is not significant because it is a touch client for Salesforce.com or that it is fully functional versus only having a subset of features; we expected Salesforce.com to release such capability as well as their competitors to do the same. What is significant is that it is arguably the first major mission-critical enterprise application vendor to do so. Most IT shops are developing strategies for deploying tablets to knowledge workers in general, beyond just the vertical 和 field low hanging fruit use cases. A fully functional touch client for CRM provides organizations with the valid use case they have been waiting for to demonstrate tablet value among a broader employee segment. 因此,我们相信触摸.salesforce.com will be instrumental in lowering the barriers to more generalized tablet adoption in the enterprise. This will in turn have a derivative impact on other ISVs that have been sitting on the fence, 等待更广泛的平板电脑采用, 在承诺自己的平板触摸客户之前.

Salesforce.社会企业许可协议. A new enterprise licensing agreement is being offered for comprehensive access to sales, 服务, 喋喋不休, Radian6(社交媒体监控与管理), Heroku和数据库.com. This is long awaited 和 much needed licensing simplification for large enterprises.

Salesforce.com消息 & 定位

而这些产品公告支持Salesforce.Com的目标是成为企业的战略合作伙伴, CRM之外, 它的信息传递落后于它的产品.

Much of CEO Marc Benioff’s repertoire at Dreamforce 2011 was still the feisty 和 combative rhetoric that served him well as he was building the company against great odds, 和 within the shadows of technology giants such as Oracle, IBM, SAP, 和微软.

但现在Salesforce.com has single-h和edly established SaaS as a valid 和 beneficial application delivery method, Info-Tech believes it’s time to tone down the rhetoric in order to advance the company to the next stage 和 truly be seen as a strategic partner.

恰当的例子, the closing Keynote #3 became quite controversial when it degraded into a volley of cheap, sophomoric remarks concerning individuals at competing companies 和 concerning controversial political figures that have nothing whatsoever to do with Salesforce.Com的市场或参与者的主要利益. 当与成千上万的IT专业人士交谈时, 谁已经将微软视为战略合作伙伴, you do not convince them that you too have earned a place at the strategic table by questioning Steve Ballmer’s personal abilities as a CEO. Negative attendee feedback concerning the tone of this session was swift, ironically aided by use of the 公司’s own 喋喋不休 social collaboration product, demonstrating the power of “the social enterprise” at work, 事实上.


  1. 随着增强的喋喋不休, 在2012年冬季发布, 并且产品的市场份额持续增长, Info-Tech recommends that organizations considering a new or additional collaboration platform add Salesforce.com聊天到他们最初的供应商评估名单. We will formally evaluate the product against competitors in the 2012 refresh of the 供应商景观+:协作平台, which will be approximately six months after availability of the Salesforce.com 2012冬季发布.
  2. 不熟悉Salesforce的组织.com’s non-CRM products should maintain awareness of the 公司’s evolving platform 服务s, 尤其是数据库.Com(数据库即服务), Siteforce (Web内容管理), 及警队的整体发展能力.com平台. Salesforce.com’s PaaS solutions should be particularly watched for their evolving mobile application delivery capabilities, especially to deliver in-browser applications to smartphones 和 tablets. 对于Salesforce来说,这是一个具有强大增长潜力的领域.com.
  3. Salesforce.com customers, that are also developing employee tablet strategies, should evaluate touch.salesforce.com as an application that can demonstrate the value of tablet deployment to a wider employee audience, 不仅仅是现场工作人员.
  4. 当然,Salesforce.com remains a leader in customer relationship management 和 should be on every CRM vendor shortlist, unless SaaS has been entirely eliminated as a CRM application delivery method. But Info-Tech predicts that even the remaining SaaS exclusion criteria will be less frequent if Salesforce.com implements its 数据驻留选项(DRO) to enable local CRM data storage instead of cloud storage.


Salesforce.com has announced enhancements to its 喋喋不休 collaboration product that make it a true enterprise collaboration competitor. Significant enhancement to the platform add credibility to the company’s positioning as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendor, 但公司的信息需要成熟.


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