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Network Modernization Roadmap

Use the Network Modernization Roadmap to record and organize your technology, people, and process tasks.

Network Modernization RFP Template

Use this template as a basis for the scope of work and technical requirements section of your network modernization RFP.

Modernize the Network

It is difficult to find a holistic, modern network solution that delivers the services demanded by rapidly changing business and IT needs. Engage stakeholders and conduct...
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Modernize the Network – Phases 1-3

Network use cases and capacity demands are constantly increasing, and the network must be able to react with stability and agility. Use Info-Tech’s approach to develop a...

Network Modernization Executive Presentation Template

Use this template to create an executive presentation summarizing the key elements of your network modernization project.

Modernize the Network – Phase 3: Communicate and Execute the Plan

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize the Network, will help you implement the plan by preparing to pitch the project to executives and reaching out to vendors.

Network Modernization Technology Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess emerging technologies and decide whether or not to include them in your network modernization solution.

Modernize the Network – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should modernize the network, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand how we can support you in completing...

Modernize the Network – Phase 1: Assess the Network

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize the Network, will help you understand the current state of your network to provide the starting point for your modernization.

Network Modernization Workbook

Use this tool to record your findings as you work through the exercises to modernize your network.
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